Our Innovative Packaging Solutions

As a comprehensive recycled product manufacturer and marketer, Thinkpac masterfully controls various supply chain processes, ensuring our materials achieve maximum recyclability and reusability. With over 40 years of experience in sustainable manufacturing, we leverage deep product knowledge and advanced technology to optimize our eco-friendly solutions. Our packaging products are the culmination of years of rigorous testing and refinement, designed to meet the high standards of today’s market and support the circular economy.
Embrace Thinkpac’s trusted, innovative packaging solutions—where technology and tradition converge for sustainability.

Our Packaging Products

Discover Thinkpac’s extensive array of packaging solutions, designed for sustainability and efficiency. Our product categories include sustainable packaging made with ReCree8 resin, cleaning and janitorial supplies, food service packaging, industrial packaging, disposable apparel and PPE, and custom packaging solutions tailored to specific needs. From bin liners and pallet stretch films to nitrile gloves and commercial cleaning wipes, explore our full range tailored to modern demands. For more details, visit our products page.

Sustainable Packaging

Our Sustainable Packaging features products with ReCree8 resin from recycled material, boosting recyclability and reducing waste. Explore eco-friendly bin liners, carry bags, and pallet top covers for robust performance and environmental stewardship.

Cleaning and Janitorial

Thinkpac's Cleaning and Janitorial range offers eco-friendly biodegradable bin liners, stretch film, nitrile and vinyl gloves, and cleaning wipes. These products support environmental goals and integrate seamlessly into daily operations.

Food Service Packaging

Thinkpac's Food Service Packaging includes sustainable freezer bags, LDPE bags, carton liners, and more, crafted for efficiency and environmental commitment. Our products, featuring ReCree8 resin, support recycling and circular economy practices.

Industrial Packaging Solutions

Thinkpac offers heavy-duty industrial packaging like stretch film, bin liners, and medical waste bags for optimal protection and sustainability. Explore our premium nitrile gloves, pallet covers, and poly bags for diverse industrial needs.

Disposable Apparel and PPE

Thinkpac's Disposable Apparel and PPE category offers ear muffs, safety goggles, gloves, aprons, hairnets, and medical masks for effective protection. Prioritize safety and sustainability with our comprehensive range of protective gear for various industries.

Custom Packaging

Thinkpac offers custom packaging tailored to your brand's needs, enhancing presence with unique sizes and styles. Consult our team for sustainable, innovative solutions that support your environmental goals.

Why Choose Thinkpac for Your Packaging Needs?

Choosing ThinkPac means partnering with a leader in sustainable packaging solutions that are expertly designed to meet Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets. Our products, made with certified post-consumer recycled materials, help reduce environmental impact and promote a circular economy.
By working with ThinkPac, you gain access to innovative, eco-friendly packaging options that not only meet regulatory requirements but also align with your sustainability goals, enhancing your brand’s commitment to environmental stewardship.
Circular Packaging Solutions Australia
Circular Packaging Solutions Australia

Achieve Australia’s 2025
National Packaging Targets

We are uniquely positioned in the market to achieve a true circular economy for soft plastics

Circular Packaging Solutions Australia
Circular Packaging Solutions Australia

Champion True Circular
Packaging Solutions

We create a cleaner stream of fit for purpose products that build your brand credibility

Circular Packaging Solutions Australia
Circular Packaging Solutions Australia

Lower Your Environmental And
Climate Impact

We help our customers transform their packaging processes to better align with the future economy

Our Sustainable Packaging Process

At ThinkPac, sustainability permeates every stage of our packaging process. From innovation to creation to recycling, we integrate eco-friendly practices throughout. Our holistic approach ensures that each product not only meets high environmental standards but also supports the circular economy effectively. This commitment sets the stage for further detailed explanations of our methods and benefits. Learn more about our comprehensive sustainability efforts at our Sustainability Page.

Packaging Innovation

At ThinkPac, our Packaging Innovation extends beyond mere design to a transformative process that enhances the entire lifecycle of products. From initial development to the final stages of recycling, we focus on creating solutions that ensure a cleaner stream of soft plastics. Our approach includes:

Product Development: Optimizing for a cleaner recycling process while maintaining high-quality, food-grade standards.

Fit-for-Purpose Solutions: Tailoring products to meet the specific needs of businesses, ensuring efficiency and suitability.

Industry Leadership: Pioneering developments that set new benchmarks in renewable packaging standards.

Explore the details of our innovative practices at our Sustainability Page. This refined focus supports businesses in achieving their environmental objectives while benefiting from top-tier, industry-leading packaging solutions.

Sustainable Packaging Designs

ThinkPac excels in Sustainable Packaging Designs, creating products that are integral to various applications and embodying the principles of a circular economy. Our process is detailed below:

Integrated Processes: Our design, manufacturing, and supply chain are seamlessly integrated, enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

Circular Economy Support: We maintain robust connections with suppliers to procure recyclable used soft plastics, reinforcing our sustainable life cycle.

Quality and Customization: We deliver exceptional, whole-of-life solutions that are customized to business needs and scalable across industries.

Discover more about our design philosophy on our Sustainability Page. This approach not only meets high environmental standards but also supports clients in achieving sustainable goals effectively.

Advanced Recycling Standards

ThinkPac leads in Advanced Recycling Standards, setting benchmarks for the packaging industry. Our collaboration with Australian waste collectors underscores our role as a pioneer in integrated circular solutions.

Complete Resource Recovery: We ensure that every piece of recyclable material is repurposed, minimizing waste and maximizing resource usage.

State-of-the-Art Repurposing: Our facilities employ advanced technology to transform used plastics into premium, sustainable products.

Sustainable Outcomes: We are committed to authentic sustainability, delivering products and processes that create lasting environmental benefits.

Learn more about our recycling innovations on our Sustainability Page. This section not only reflects our environmental dedication but also our capability to support substantial, long-term sustainability objectives.


Thinkpac is proud to be affiliated with leading industry associations and certifications, reflecting our commitment to quality and sustainability. We are members of the APCO, ACOR, and Aspire, hold TGA approval and HACCP certification, and operate a government-approved ISO 14001 certified recycling center. These affiliations underscore our dedication to meeting stringent industry standards and enhancing environmental practices.

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