Thinkpac Joins ACOR: A Commitment to a Sustainable Economy and the Future of Recycling in Australia

Thinkpac Joins ACOR: A Commitment to a Sustainable Economy and the Future of Recycling in Australia

As an industry leader in packaging, Thinkpac is proud to announce our newest alliance: we have become a member of ACOR (the Australian Council of Recycling), marking a significant step in our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy. This landmark decision represents our dedication to resource recovery, remanufacturing, and recycling – the core of ACOR’s mission.

The Australian recycling industry, a growth industry that employs over 30,000 people directly and indirectly creates an additional 25,000 jobs, is a testament to the potential of sustainable practices in our economy. ACOR, a non-profit volunteer organisation, is at the helm of this transition, ensuring that recycling becomes a part of everyday life for every Australian.

Joining ACOR aligns with our ethos at Thinkpac, where we have consistently championed responsible and sustainable packaging practices. Similar to our decision to become a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), our ACOR membership amplifies our commitment to the cause. By aligning ourselves with these transformative bodies, we aim to maximise the value of materials, energy, and labour within the local economy, in keeping with APCO and ACOR’s shared vision.

Our ACOR membership signifies our resolve to contribute positively to this cause. We are excited to participate in the collection, sorting, and processing of recovered materials for re-use, aiding in the efforts to keep packaging materials out of landfill.

This new partnership with ACOR opens up further opportunities for Thinkpac to make a real impact. We are now part of a diverse network of stakeholders united by a common vision, sharing knowledge, and working collaboratively to implement industry-led innovations.

ACOR’s model of shared responsibility resonates with us at Thinkpac. It emphasises the importance of circular packaging design and the improvement of collection and recycling systems – commitments we intend to uphold and reflect in our operations. We are confident that this move will accelerate our journey towards achieving our sustainability targets and contribute to a more responsible approach within our industry.

Through our work with ACOR, we hope to not only advance our sustainability goals but also led by example and inspire other businesses to follow suit. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Stay tuned to for updates on our progress and to learn more about our commitment to sustainable practices and the future of the Australian recycling industry. Together, we can lead the transition to a circular economy.

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