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Since 2012, we have diverted 96,000 tonnes of post-consumer waste and have ambitious plans to expand this in the future.

Creating A
Sustainable Future

Sustainability is at the forefront of all our company activities. From our mission statement and our core values, right through to all our business plans and operations, sustainability is what drives us to service quality and excellence.

At Thinkpac, we care about the achievement of an authentic circular economy, and we work with skill and passion to support the community and business stakeholders with whom we have the privilege of partnering to achieve a sustainable future economy.

Your Opportunity


Only 18 percent of all plastic packaging used in Australia is recycled or composted, while 82 percent ends up in landfill and our natural environments


Soft flexible plastics represent about 32.7% of all plastic packaging used in Australia, but only has a low recovery rate of 10.7% as of 2018/19.


Soft plastic packaging had the lowest rate of recycled content at only 3% of pre-consumer recycled content in 2018/19.


Our use of plastic is increasing and across the world will double by 2040. By 2050, it is estimated
that plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish.

Repurposing plastic waste products while diverting them away from landfill makes sense!

It’s time to empower a sustainable future of resource preservation for the next generation.

Why Recycle?

Avoid Upstream Energy Use

Recycling plastic film avoids the upstream energy necessary to produce one ton of new product and saves about 2 tons of CO2 annually.

Source: Stopwaste.org (2021)

Increase Productivity

Recycling increases the productivity of already manufactured materials, therefore reducing the need to extract more virgin material

(APCO, 2021)

Lower Environmental Impacts

Recycling lowers the environmental and climate impacts of packaging overall, including less litter

(APCO, 2021)

A Competitive Advantage

Recycling forms a stronger, more innovative and collaborative, globally competitive Australian packaging industry.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It is conservatively estimated that there is a 30 percent carbon saving for recycled plastic.

Source: standford.org 

Join the Future economy

Repurposing soft plastics is not merely a function of present need but is truly the next frontier of environmental and economic innovation.

Our Value Chain for Post Consumer Soft Plastics

Soft Plastic Packaging Sustainability

Committed To A Better, More Sustainable Future.

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