Industrial Packaging Solutions

Discover our robust Industrial Packaging solutions. Our range includes durable bin liners, garbage bags, carton liners, and nitrile gloves. Plus, safeguard your products with our pallet liners, top covers, and stretch film. Expect superior quality, fit-for-purpose poly bags designed to meet your diverse industrial needs.

Bin Liners and Garbage Bags

Keep your spaces neat and clean with our diverse range of Bin Liners and Garbage Bags. Available in various sizes from 18L to 240L, and colours including black, clear, and blue. Choose from flat pack or roll options for your convenience. Our black bin liners are thoughtfully produced with Australian recycled material, demonstrating our commitment to the environment. Reliable and robust, these bags are a staple in maintaining cleanliness in any setting.

Carton Liners

Introducing Thinkpac's Carton Liners range - your reliable solution for safe and hygienic food processing. Specially designed for use in abattoirs, meat processing facilities, poultry, seafood, smallgoods, fresh produce and dry goods industries, our plastic liners boast leak-resistant properties and feature stronger, thicker seals than conventional liners, providing superior performance and safety.

Nitrile Gloves

Discover the Innovation Behind Our TouchCare Nitrile Gloves Unlock unparalleled protection and reliability with our TouchCare Nitrile Gloves, powered by cutting-edge LOW DERMA™️ Glove Technology. Engineered for excellence, our gloves are meticulously crafted to elevate safety standards across industries. Key Points: • LOW DERMA™️ Glove Technology: Say goodbye to concerns about glove-induced allergies. Our gloves are fortified with LOW DERMA™️ technology. Designed to address common allergies associated with glove use, including natural rubber latex protein allergy and reactions to chemical accelerators, our gloves provide a superior level of allergy care without compromising on performance. • Superior Resistance: Experience unbeatable protection against fats, chemicals, and other substances. Our TouchCare Nitrile Gloves boast superior resistance, ensuring reliability in a wide range of applications and working environments. • Enhanced Strength: Our gloves are up to 4 times stronger than latex alternatives, offering exceptional durability and tear resistance. With TouchCare, you can trust in the strength and resilience needed for demanding tasks. Elevate your safety measures with TouchCare Nitrile Gloves. Ideal for various industries and tasks, our gloves combine comfort, reliability, and advanced technology.

Packaging Tape

Ensure secure closure of your packages with our robust Packaging Tape. This high-performing tape provides strong adhesion, designed to keep your packages sealed during storage and transit. Suitable for a variety of surfaces, it offers reliable and durable performance, resisting splitting and tearing. Whether you're packing, shipping, or storing, our Packaging Tape is the essential tool you can trust to get the job done.

Pallet Bags

Ensure cleanliness and product integrity with our Pallet Bags. These plastic liners are specifically designed to line bulk crates, providing a clean barrier between food products and the crate itself. Our Pallet Bags are durable, versatile, and easy to use, making them a must-have for food service, storage, and transportation. With these bags, you can maintain the highest hygiene standards and ensure that your products stay fresh and uncontaminated.

Pallet Top Covers

Preserve the integrity of your products with our Pallet Top Covers. Available in clear and black options, these covers offer a simple and effective solution to protect your goods from dust, rain, or any potential damage during storage or transit. Made from durable material, they provide a secure shield, enhancing the stability of your pallet loads and ensuring your goods arrive in pristine condition.

Poly Bags

Organize and protect your items with our range of Poly Bags. Available in High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), and Polypropylene (PP) variants, these bags offer versatility to meet your specific needs. HDPE bags are lightweight yet robust, LDPE bags offer excellent clarity and flexibility, while PP bags are ideal for higher temperature applications. With great durability and resistance to tears and punctures, our Poly Bags ensure your items are securely contained and protected.

Stretch Film – “FlexGuard”

Embrace the unmatched protection of FlexGuard Stretch Film, your premier choice for safeguarding goods with unparalleled precision and care. Within the diverse FlexGuard portfolio, discover a curated selection of hand stretch films, meticulously crafted in both transparent and opaque black options. These films are specifically designed to meet and exceed manual packaging requirements, offering versatility across light, medium, and heavy-duty applications. For the automated realm, FlexGuard extends its expertise to machine stretch films, available in an array of grades to seamlessly integrate with high-volume packaging systems. Each variant, clear or black, is engineered with exceptional load stability and superior tear resistance at its core, guaranteeing that your products remain securely bundled and resiliently protected against dust, moisture, and transit or storage-induced damages. Choose FlexGuard Stretch Film for a trusted ally in maintaining the integrity and cleanliness of your items, no matter their destination.