ReCree8™ Resin

Transforming landfill-bound soft plastics into premium, sustainable materials, ReCree8™ resin embodies Thinkpac's dedication to a greener tomorrow.

The Journey of ReCree8™ Resin

Pre-Consumer versus
Post-Consumer Recycling

Many products on the market claim to contain “recycled plastics,” yet this terminology is frequently used to include pre-consumer plastics. Pre-consumer plastics are typically clean, unused scraps or factory wastage that would be recycled by the industry regardless as part of their standard operating processes.

Post-consumer plastics, on the other hand, are materials that have served their initial purpose in the hands of consumers and are then discarded. These are the plastics that, without thoughtful intervention, could clutter our landfills and choke our oceans.

At Thinkpac, we actively clear waste from our environment by focusing on recycling these post-consumer materials.

Giving Plastic ‘Waste’
a Second Chance

We put a lot of focus on post-consumer soft plastic ‘waste’ that is destined for landfills after they’ve served their original purpose.

Our unique recycling set up is the direct lifeline for these materials from ‘waste’ to product, providing them with a route back into the economy and away from landfills. We breathe new life into the mountains of ‘waste’ at our recycling facilities, giving them ‘a second chance’.

Crafting the Landmark
Recree8™ Resin

Our commitment to sustainability culminates to our landmark ReCree8™ resin.

ReCree8™ resin is a 100% post-consumer recycled resin that challenges the status quo, offering a second life to plastics that have completed their initial journey.

This isn’t just any resin; it’s a symbol of the circular economy, setting a benchmark in today’s marketplace.

When you choose ReCree8™ made products, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a promise for a cleaner planet.

Why use ReCree8™ Resin

A Pledge to
Quality and Sustainability

Our recycling process isn’t just effective; it’s certified. With an ISO 14001 accreditation, our recycling facility meets stringent environmental management standards. This ensures that every step we take, from collection to reprocessing, adheres to an internationally recognized framework that prioritizes sustainability, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

ReCree8™ resin also carries the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification, affirming that ReCree8™ resin is indeed made from 100% post-consumer recycled content. GRS certification isn’t just a label; it’s a globally recognized mark of traceability, environmental principles, social responsibility, and chemical restrictions.

Decades of Dedication

The journey to ReCree8™ resins is backed by over 25 years of experience in the recycling industry. It reflects significant investments in both human and machinery capital. Our team isn’t just knowledgeable; they’re pioneers in compliance, understanding local environmental regulations, and committed to producing high-quality resins that serve their purpose beautifully.

Designed for a Purpose

ReCree8™ resin is predominantly crafted to transform into packaging items – a “bag to bag” or “film to film” solution. It’s the brainchild of Thinkpac’s team that’s been at the forefront of the soft plastic packaging (manufacturing) industry for over 35 years. Our expertise ensures that ReCree8™ resins aren’t just versatile; it’s specifically engineered for the packaging world, embodying strength, flexibility, and sustainability in every fiber.

Craftmanship in Manufacturing

Our PCR RE creations come to life through mechanical recycling. PE, the primary plastic waste contributor from homes to industries, undergoes a meticulous process:

Waste Collection

Our journey begins with meticulous collection, where post-consumer soft plastic is gathered with purpose.

PE Sorting and Separation

Precision is key, and through our sorting process, we ensure only polyethylene (PE) enters our process.

Purification via Washing

We purify with care, employing advanced washing techniques to cleanse the plastics, preparing them for a new beginning.

Resin Compounding

Our compounding process is where science meets art, blending and refining materials into our ReCree8™ resins.

Final Product Realization

Here, imagination takes physical form. The resin is skillfully crafted into new, resilient and sustainable products ready for the market.

Versatility in

Thinkpac’s PCR PE doesn’t just stop at one application. From packaging to bin liners, our scope is continually expanding. Current leading uses include:

Join us in this revolutionary journey as we redefine plastics and create a sustainable future

RECREE8™ is a trademark of Thinkpac

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