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1980’s – Repurposing Plastics For The Future Economy

Plastics have been getting a bad rep from as early as the 1980’s. As a second-generation founder of a plastic manufacturer, Calvin Ng grew up hearing about the environmental risks that came with plastics. Although a durable material, plastic also sticks around after the end of its useful life and this results in waste accumulating over the years. As a consequence, many developed societies were moving away from ‘single-use’ plastic goods, in particular North American and European countries, and more recently Australia. The rise in social media has also shed light on the danger of plastic waste on marine wildlife when it is not disposed of properly. Truth is, even though the carbon footprint of plastic products is much lower than other materials, it poses a real environmental problem at the end of its product lifecycle.

2012 – Creating A Cleaner Stream of Recycled Packaging

This was one of the primary drivers behind Thinkpac’s decision to invest in infrastructure to recycle post-consumer waste in 2012, and by doing so, becoming one of the first few vertically integrated entities globally that is capable of recycling and manufacturing packaging products with clean and high-quality recycled content under one roof.

2021 – Higher Quality
Packaging Solution

As a second-generational circular packaging organisation, the 2025 National Packaging Targets resonate deeply with our mission. In 2021, Thinkpac, based in Melbourne Australia, joined the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) and aims to combine local and international expertise to not only bring high quality fit-for-purpose packaging into the market, but also to encourage the uptake of products incorporating higher levels of recycled content made in a government approved recycling facility.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to lead the way in providing a circular packaging solution for the FMCG industry by diverting post-consumer waste away from landfill and recycling these materials into high quality fit-for-purpose products.

Core Values


We focus on building long
term relationships with key
stakeholders and
customers to build trust.


We treat every
stakeholder with a high
level of dignity and


We encourage thoughtful,
creative and inspirational
ideas to lead the
circular economy.


Our focus on key
operational areas of the
business translates into
excellent customer service.

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