How Cleaning Companies Can Save the Environment with Australian Recycled Plastics

How Cleaning Companies Can Save the Environment with Australian Recycled Plastics

There has been a growing emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility across various industries. One sector that has the potential to make significant strides in this area is the cleaning industry. Cleaning companies are vested in sustainability and this is apparent with the advent of new product innovations in ‘green’ products, including but not limited to cleaning chemicals, technologically advanced machineries that are more energy efficient, products made with recycled paper, and the list goes on.

There is however a big opportunity with a material that has been problematic to solve – we are of course talking about soft plastics. Cleaning companies use a lot of soft plastic products (mostly in the form of bags and liners) to manage waste. A large majority of these soft plastic products are imported from overseas. Although they are made with recycled material, chances are they are made with overseas-sourced plastic material. A step in the right direction towards a circular economy in Australia would be to replace these import products with products made with Australian sourced recycled plastics. This innovative approach helps address the plastic waste problem and also promotes a circular economy.

Plastic waste has become a global crisis, with millions of tons of plastic ending up in landfills and oceans yearly. Cleaning companies partnered with Australian companies that are able to provide circular economy solutions such as products made with Australian recycled plastics will inadvertently support and create demand for Australian recycled plastics.

The Australian Government has started to implement ban policies on single use plastics. These need to be complemented with sustainable alternatives, otherwise overreliance on any single material that are legal to use after ban policies may create a series of other environmental damage in the near future.

Other benefits of using Australian-sourced recycled plastics include:

  •  It helps conserve natural resources by reducing the extraction of raw materials (e.g. fossil fuels) needed for producing new plastics.
  • It curbs carbon emissions associated with the production of virgin plastics.
  • Where recycled plastics are used anyway but are sourced overseas, we are effectively doing our part to create demand and contribute to the Australian recycling industry that we so desperately need.
  • Lastly, recycled plastics can inspire and educate customers, encouraging them to make more sustainable choices in their daily lives.

Cleaning companies in Australia are taking proactive steps towards environmental sustainability by incorporating sustainable products into their operations. Through the adoption of sustainable waste management practices and the utilization of recycled materials, these companies not only reduce their environmental impact but also promote a circular economy. Their efforts contribute to a greener future and inspire positive change in the cleaning industry.

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