Orange Carton Liners (635mm x 635mm + 380mm) CL-ORA1

Introducing Thinkpac's Carton Liners range - your reliable solution for safe and hygienic food processing. Specially designed for use in abattoirs, meat processing facilities, poultry, seafood, smallgoods, fresh produce and dry goods industries, our plastic liners boast leak-resistant properties and feature stronger, thicker seals than conventional liners, providing superior performance and safety.

Carton Liners for Various Applications:
Our Carton Liners are designed to provide optimal protection and preservation for a variety of food products. No matter the size or type of product you need to package, our carton liners provide a secure and hygienic solution. With a leak-resistant design and thicker seals, these liners ensure that your products stay fresh, safe, and ready for further processing or distribution.

Key Features of the Carton Liners:
The Carton Liners range is the ultimate choice for high-performance food processing packaging. These liners are specifically designed for use in abattoirs, meat processing facilities, and other food industries, providing a leak-resistant packaging solution that outperforms conventional liners. With stronger, thicker seals, our carton liners ensure the integrity of your products, providing peace of mind and enhancing operational efficiency. Choose the Carton Liners range - because when it comes to food processing, safety, and quality should never be compromised.


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