Brown Cleaning Wipes

Introducing our versatile and highly effective wipes, ideal for a wide range of food preparation and cleaning tasks. These tear-off color-coded rolls are designed to make your cleaning routine effortless. Infused with an antibacterial ingredient, these wipes inhibit the growth of bacteria, extending their lifespan.

Our wipes are safe to use on food preparation areas as well as all other surfaces, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene throughout your space. With their heavy-duty construction, these wipes are built to handle tough tasks with ease.

Key Features:

- Antibacterial formulation for added germ-fighting power.
- Color-coded rolls for easy application and organization.
- Available in five standard colors, allowing for easy differentiation and usage.
- Conveniently perforated on the roll for quick and hassle-free distribution.

Maintain a clean and germ-free environment effortlessly with our reliable and versatile wipes. Whether you're tackling food preparation areas or general cleaning tasks, our wipes are up to the challenge. Experience the convenience and peace of mind they bring to your cleaning routine.

SKU: NW5030N

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