10″ x 18″ LDPE Clear Bags

Introducing the Poly Bags (LDPE Clear) range – your versatile solution for a broad range of food packaging applications. Perfectly designed to package everything from bread and butcher cuts to seafood, these clear LDPE bags offer visibility, durability, and superior product protection.

Poly Bags for Various Applications:
Our LDPE Clear Poly Bags are designed to offer versatile food packaging solutions. Whether you need to package bakery items, fresh butcher cuts, seafood, or any other food product, these bags provide a clear view of the product while offering optimal protection. Available in various sizes, our Poly Bags cater to a wide range of packaging needs, ensuring that your products are presented and protected in the best possible way.

Key Features of the Poly Bags (LDPE Clear):
The Poly Bags (LDPE Clear) range offers a flexible solution for a multitude of food packaging applications. Designed for versatility, these bags can package a wide range of food items, including bread, butcher cuts, seafood, and more. Their clear LDPE material provides visibility, allowing for easy product identification and showcasing your products in a clean, professional manner. With our Poly Bags, you can ensure your products are packaged safely and appealingly. Choose the Poly Bags (LDPE Clear) range - because packaging should be clear, versatile, and reliable.

SKU: L1018

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