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Meet thinkpac™

thinkpac™ was born for a number of reasons.

  • It represents our way of working with you in that we think of your business, a lot. 
  • As producers of packaging products, we think that education is key to reducing packaging-related pollution. We talk a lot about how consumption fuels the economy which is great, but if anything is disposed of irresponsibly, it creates pollution (which in recent days, the public thinks banning plastic bags will mitigate or solve the plastic pollution problem).  If our consumers see our brand name on plastic bags and stop to think  before disposing of them the right way, we think that’s pretty cool. 
  • We think of ways to add value to your business everyday.
  • We think there are a lot of people that will enjoy what we have to offer.

As you gather from the above paragraph, our brand thinkpac™ is a reflection of our business philosophy. 

We are a 100% family-owned and operated business. Calvin Ng, who runs the Melbourne office, is a second generation packaging business operator. We love dealing with family businesses because we share a lot of similar values not just in business, but in other aspects of life. From our experience, that shared belief is key to success in building long term relationships, which is what we are about.

By surrounding ourselves with the right talent in the industry, we make it easy for you to choose the right packaging solution that makes the most sense for you. We take pride in our service and the quality in our products. 

Quality Products.Outstanding Service.

Our business is built to deliver quality products, reliable service and genuine customer care to Australian wholesalers and resellers.

Browse our extensive range of plastic bags, bin liners, gloves, paper and other types of packaging solutions or contact us for personalized recommendations and service.

More than just another packaging supplier, we see ourselves as a partner in your journey to success. It is our goal to continuously deliver innovative packaging solutions, prompt services and competitive pricing.

By acting as a partner rather than a basic delivery service, we keep your business’s unique needs in mind and strive to help meet them.

As well as taking steps to ensure a seamless order and delivery process, we’re constantly coming up with new ways to provide a better experience and help you grow your business.

Contact us with your packaging or branded product requirements. We’ll suggest the right solutions for your business based on your market needs.


Years Of Manufacturing Experience




Tonnes Of Plastic Recycled Annually

How We Help

Thinkpac provides personal product recommendations, experienced advice and efficient processes so you can skip the supply chain hassles and focus on growing your business. We keep a range of products on site to ensure even faster order fulfillment.


Our Suppliers

Having close ties with reputable and reliable overseas manufacturers means we provide high-quality products to our clients without the high price tag. You’ll receive samples for sign off and can rest assured all products meet Australian regulations.

plastic and paper packaging

Our Future Focus

We understand the pressure plastic puts on the environment. To offset this, Thinkpac actively participates in the recycling of plastic waste. Thinkpac also continually investigates and shares environmentally friendly packaging solutions.